Written by Ingrid Ferris

copyright 2013



 I am Joan of Arc, I hear voices in the night

 They say Joan take up your sword, go on the field take up the fight.

 I know they were angels, I saw wings before  they took flight

 They say the heart of a saint is  fire, it burns from the inside out.


Chorus:  Signaling through the flames, I see you signaling through the flames…x 2


 1.   I am a woman of spirit and  light, I’ve come to warn you of plagues and of blight

      I led an army at a young  age and ended a  war that other men waged.

 2.   I have a martyrs crown on my head, on my breast the fleur de le

       They say I am merciful, gentle and kind, but I burn with a fire that destroys  your lies.

 3.   In the end they set me on fire, for visions that soon transpired

       I did all by Gods command, but you cannot destroy what you don’t understand.


Add:  Signaling through the flames I see you signaling through the flames I see you signaling through the flames. x 2


Add 2: choir – Hee ho roo ho roo hoo, hee ho roo ho roo x2


Chorus: Signaling through the flames x 2


1.   Who can say that I did not succeed, in the raising the siege of Orlean

 The army   followed the Fleur de lis, voices raised in triumph and song

 2.   You can burn me  at the stake, but my visions I will not forsake

 I’ve heard what I’ve heard and seen what I’ve seen,  and my conscious is clear and clean.

 3.   In  the end you condemned  me, but in truth you set me free,

              your  fire did not stop the voices you see, and now I blaze in eternity.

 Chorus: Signaling through the flames x 2

 1.   God have mercy for what you have done, you’ve taken the Maiden of Orlean

 You tied me down you shut me up, but my  words will be heard long after you’re gone.

 2.   One life is all that we have,  and we live it as we believe,

 My visions told me the truth and history will be  my proof.

 3.    These are my final words, the last thing I need to say

   I stand against the enemy, those who murder , exploit and end in decay



Written by Ingrid Ferris

Copyright 2013


Dried weeds sedately blowing

Plato read from living lips

Miles of misunderstanding

Ache and twist, here south

You north, God how I miss you

Glinting nuances so cleverly gifted


Why my words must echo

Only half heard in this

Grand chamber hall

Where the children

Paint abstracts

And me the mummy looking on

With a half grim grin.


Don’t you know I would always hold you

Here on this plane, where everything is you and I

Illuminated. Where to be a mermaid is the natural thing

And the rush of waves just the natural rush of our souls.



Aloness mummifies my spirit and I

Question why this purgatory from

The heaven of your presence, of the

Heaven of your presence.


Chorus: But I’m not gunna let you go, no I’m not gunna let you go, I’m not gunna let you go

Cuz I am like the moon, pulling, pulling you

And you are like the tide

Rising up, rising up, like a lion, like lion,

Lika liyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi….

( into Gymnopedie Nr.1)


Singing until fade out – Not gunna let you go….


( Song for my Dad)

Written by Ingrid Ferris

Copyright 2013


You leave behind children who will weep

They will remember your smell like sheep tallow

And books and books,

Musty, mysterious, full of possibilities.

You were Dad, big hands

Shouldering more and still more,

You were vine tender, wine maker,

Worldly scribe and non-conformist

Family romantic in an unnatural age.

You were a man at war

Born to the wrong era,

Chieftain adrift in a matriarchal age.




Do you sail the seas with your childhood heroes,

Do you climb the peaks of Kilimanjaro

Do you sleep at night under foreign stars

Do you hear the drums of the caravan,

Do you think of us in the Empty Quarter, Empty Quarter, Empty Quarter.


Your children will remember

You with sheer granite determination

Hiking us to Paleolithic times

To see, suffer, learn.

This was no recreation, but initiation,

Your children would be no industry cast off

You claimed the stuff of flesh and bones.

Where came that cry of war pipes from

In your heart some vast open land that ached to be explored.




And we will look for you at the ends of the world

In the Empty Quarter, or the Kali Gandaki, in Mooktinath ,

Ghorepani, Toroong la, Jomsom and Pokarah

And this is a eulogy without end

For love is a burrowing animal

Always opening new ground

And a child never stops grieving when the parent departs.




You see Daddy, you leave behind children who will weep

Our hearts full from all that was you. X3




Cave Man Song

written by Ingrid Ferris

copyright 2013


He gathers wood he builds a fire

Under a clear sky, indigo night.

He lays the wood like an Indian tee pee

He blows the flame

He looks like a chief.


He crouches low he moves around

He tends the fire he warms the ground. X2


Chorus: We tell some stories, he holds my hand

We are both filled he is my man.


We kiss and we hug, we burn we are bright

Under a clear sky, indigo night

Oh what a life under the stars

Trees silhouetted here by the fire.


I crouch low, I move around

I tend the fire I warm the ground. X2




In the distance Is our tribe

They’re playin’ their drums out under the sky.

I see their fire, I smell their smoke,

They seem so happy, they are my folk.


They crouch low, they move around

They tend the fire, they warm the ground. X2


In the darkness we breath deep

The smell of juniper and lavender.

We sleep on the dirt wrapped in our blanket

We listen to nature sing our song.


We crouch low we move around

We tend the fire we warm the ground. X2




White Gull Rising

Poem by Joe Illing

Copyright 2013


Like a white gull rising in a shaft of sun,

Wings out-stretched, filled with the wind,

A solitary traveler in an oil-black sky,

I shall return to you.


Like a Coho salmon from uncharted seas,

Jumping, twisting, with silver back arched,

An acrobat dancing in rainbow spray,

I shall return to you.


Like a prodigal son, turning from thieves,

From crack houses, jails, from unholy gutters

Littered with glass and human debris

I  shall return to You.


You shall clean me and comfort me,

And bathe me in warm spring water

You shall dress me in white linen

And feed me a feast of Thanksgiving.


Your forgiveness shall cure me, forever,

Your love shall resurrect me,

When like a white gull rising,

I shall return to You.

Diamonds and Rust

By Joan Baez


Well  I’ll be damned

here comes your ghost again

But that’s not unusual

it’s just that the moon is full

And you happen to call.


You burst on the scene

already a legend,

The unwashed phenomenon,

the original vagabond,

You strayed into my arms.


And there you stayed,

temporarily lost at sea,

The Madonna was yours for free

Yes the girl on the half shell

could keep you unharmed.


And here I sit, hand on the telephone

Hearing a voice I’d known

A couple of light years ago

Headed straight for a fall.



Ten years ago

I bought you some cufflinks

You brought me something

We both know what memories can bring

They bring diamonds and rust.


As I remember your eyes

Were bluer that robins eggs

My poetry was lousy you said

Where are you calling from

A booth in the Midwest.


Well I see you standing

with brown leaves all around

And snow in your hair

And you’re smiling out the window

Of that crummy hotel over Washington Square.


Our breath comes out white clouds

It mingles and hangs in the air

Speaking strictly for me

We both could have died then and there.



Now you’re telling me

You’re not nostalgic

Then give me another word for it

You who were so good with words

And at keeping things vague.


Cause I need some of that vagueness now

It all comes back too clearly

Yes I loved you dearly

But if you offering me diamonds and rust

Well I’ve already paid.



Poem written by Rick Clark

copyright 2013

You walk out of the woods

The woods beyond my house

You come naked as my soul

Only leaves for a blouse.


You walk into my room

Gently soften my bed

You listen and remember

To every word I ever said.



Up grows the barley

Out spreads the limbs

Deep in my heart you tarry

It’s you I’m gonna marry


All day and all night you

Tinker with my birth

You bring a bright green fire

To my cold black hearth.


Yours is the voice of the cougar

The deer and the owl

Yours the deep night chirping

The moon makes me howl.





Your deep woods are boundless

Your songs dark and lyrical

Your silence truly silent

Your eyes my miracle.


But one day unannounced

You walk back into the woods

Whose name I couldn’t pronounce

Too true to be that good.






Written by Ingrid Ferris

Copyright 2013


Good bye Jennifer and Jo, didn’t we have a time at Brandywine

We almost made it to pure, with our ragged clothes and holy shoes

We looked to be healed, not to be fooled, we believed this life could be true

And the forest sang us to sleep every night, in our dreams we were bathed in light.


And we’ll all go home, Jennifer and Jo, it’ll be like when and never like before.

And the songs we’ll sing, and the dances we’ll dance, to that place we call heaven, to that place we call home.

We sat by the street shot full of light, and passers by

We laughed and cried and hugged awhile, then Jo caught a ride t San Diego

The last time I saw her was on TV, she talked about her life on the street.

I said to the screen where did you go, where did you go my Jo?


The last time I saw Jennifer, she’s cut off her long hair

She was so worn down a single mom, never time to hang around

But she talked of a dream to go to New Orleans

To her true love back in her home town.

To find some peace, some peace of mind.


I Know Who You Are

Written by Ingrid Ferris

Copyright 2013


I know who you are, you came to sit by my fire

You came with your angel wings, you spoke of heavenly things

You came with your ancient stories.

You came with all your wisdom.

And you threw light in the fire, light in my eyes, light in the fire, light in my eyes

I know who you are, I know who you are, I know who you are.


Ancient story teller come sit by my side

I miss the thought that we might survive these times.

Come sit in my wattle daub hut by the burn of Sheeoch

I need to hear your comfort and prayer

I need to know that you are there

I know who you are, I know who you are

 Bringer of the light, Singer of the stars

Creator of the world, center of my heart,

And you said rise up, you said rise up, you said rise up, you said rise up.



Through 1st & 2nd part of song.


Then you rose to say good bye, and I saw wings down by your side.

You said find your way through the cold dark desert

Junipers  will show the way

Look for the Northern lights

A  hill top in the night

And he said fly away, he said fly away, he said fly away, and he was gone.

Lay Me Down

Written by Ingrid Ferris

Copyright 2013



Lay me down in a bed of roses,

Lay me down on hallowed ground

Lay me down in a bed of roses

Lay me down, lay me down.


  1. Oh the world seems strange to me

Hear of wars, hear of woes

And I feel like I should be goin’

Bring me home, bring me home.




  1. I see blue hills on the horizon

And the moon over the rise

And I know it’s the old ones callin’

Bring me home, bring me home.




  1. Is that my home lit up and welcomin’?

And the folks that I love dear?

Tucked in that hollow, like a babe a sleepin’,

Bring home, bring me home.





Peace like a river is rolling me home, peace like a river is rollin’ me home…



Poem by Joe Illing

Copyright 2013


  1. I will sit on his knee and he shall comfort me

As a child        As a child


  1. I will weep on his shoulder and he shall comfort me

As a child   As a child


  1. I will whisper  his name and his winds shall gently

Rock me    Rock me


  1. I will sleep through the night and his winds shall gently


Rock me     Rock me


  1. I will honor his word and his hand shall cover my head


As a crown    As a crown


  1. I will sing him praises and his hand shall cover my head


                       As a crown            As a crown



When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it's time for artists to make their mark.” - Joni Mitchell