From the recording White Gull Rising


Like a white gull rising in a shaft of sun,
Wings out-stretched, filled with the wind,
A solitary traveler in an oil-black sky,
I shall return to you, I shall return to you…
Ahhh ahhh ahhh ( other voices.)
Like a Coho salmon from uncharted seas,
Jumping, twisting, with silver back arched,
An acrobat dancing in rainbow spray,
I shall return to you ( dire) I shall return.
Ahh ahh + dire
Like a prodigal son, turning from thieves,
From crack houses, jails, from unholy gutters
Littered with glass and human debris
I  shall return to You, I shall return.
Ahh ahh…..
Your forgivness shall cure me forever….
Dire…ohhh ohhh
Your love shall resurrect me, when like a white gull rising,
I shall return to you,( dire on going.)
 I shall return to you
Ohh ohhh…..
You shall clean me and comfort me,
And bathe me in spring water
And you shall dress me in white linen
And feed me a feast of Thanksgiving.
You shall clean me and comfort me
And bathe me in warm water ( dire)
And bathe me and clean me
In warm water
And comfort me and bathe me
In warm water,
And comfort me and bathe me
In warm water.

When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it's time for artists to make their mark.” - Joni Mitchell