1. Cave Man Song

From the recording Cave Man Song


He gathers wood he builds a fire
Under a clear sky, indigo night.
He lays the wood like an Indian tee pee
He blows the flame
He looks like a chief.
He crouches low he moves around
He tends the fire he warms the ground. X2
Chorus: We tell some stories, he holds my hand
We are both filled he is my man.
We kiss and we hug, we burn we are bright
Under a clear sky, indigo night
Oh what a life under the stars
Trees silhouetted here by the fire.
I crouch low, I move around
I tend the fire I warm the ground. X2
In the distance Is our tribe
They’re playin’ their drums out under the sky.
I see their fire, I smell their smoke,
They seem so happy, they are my folk.
They crouch low, they move around
They tend the fire, they warm the ground. X2
In the darkness we breath deep
The smell of juniper and lavender.
We sleep on the dirt wrapped in our blanket
We listen to nature sing our song.
We crouch low we move around
We tend the fire we warm the ground. X2

When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it's time for artists to make their mark.” - Joni Mitchell